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World Bank policies "enabling" African land grab

14 Sep 2012

New research accuses the World Bank Group's policies of facilitating land grabs in Africa and favouring the interests of financial markets over food security and environmental protection.

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The Great Land Rush

13 Sep 2012

Land means different things to different people. While an economist might define land as the totality of natural resources in a given area, a lawyer might focus on boundaries and the mineral rights therein. But a farmer’s answer is likely to be simpler: land is the farmer’s capital. Land is the soil and water utilized in the production of crops for the local or global market. In the context of an increasingly globalized world, land rights are paramount – particularly in the Global South (Asia, South America, Africa and Australia). And as governments and multinational corporations buy up land, small farmers and indigenous groups are finding themselves edged out.

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Myths about industrial agriculture

7 Sep 2012

Reports trying to create doubts about Organic Agriculture are suddenly flooding the media. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, people are fed up of the corporate assault of toxics and GMOs. Secondly people are turning to organic agriculture and organic food as a way to end the toxic war against the Earth and our bodies.

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Ralph Regenvanu vs the World Bank & AusAID

30 Aug 2012

The Pacific is a unique and diverse region, with 9 million people scattered over thousands of islands, a third of the globe's surface, but only a tiny fraction of its land. What does the future look like for the Pacific region? Will aid help or hinder development? What are the challenges for development? Recorded in Sydney Australia as part of the Praxis Discussion Series, this discussion features four expert speakers: Member of Parliament for Port Vila, Vanuatu Ralph Regenvanu; Head of AusAID's Pacific Division, Rob Tranter; World Bank Country Director for the Pacific Ferid Belhaj and Biman Prasad, Professor of Economics at the University of the South Pacific.

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Responsible farmland investing? Current efforts to regulate land grabs will make things worse

28 Aug 2012

Responsible farmland investing? Current efforts to regulate land grabs will make things worse

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Must the poor go hungry just so the rich can drive?

13 Aug 2012

Sports stars like Mo Farah at No 10 will not change a simple fact: people are starving because of the west's thirst for biofuels

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Communal land associations: A perfect solution to land grabbing

30 Jul 2012

Land grabbing in the eyes of government and investors does not exist.

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MIFEE: The stealthy face of conflict in West Papua

19 Jul 2012

West Papua, the easternmost island under Indonesia's control, is a land beset by troubles. Rarely a week goes by without news of some new tragedy in a relentless conflict that has endured and evolved over fifty years

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A 'land sovereignty' alternative

1 Jul 2012

Land sovereignty is the right of working peoples to have effective access to, use of, and control over land and the benefits of its use and occupation, where land is understood as resource, territory, and landscape.

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The social costs of putting a price on nature

1 Jun 2012

Demonstrating the economic value of nature once seemed at the forefront of progressive thinking, but on the ground it is turning into the latest wave of landgrabbing. What went wrong?

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