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Indigenous and community initiatives offer solutions

2 Dec 2011

Studies show that the best guardians of forest lands are the people who live there. Indigenous Peoples and other forest-dependent peoples agree. Yet, all over the world, they are increasingly beset by policies and incentive schemes imposed by governments and outside agencies that degrade their forests, their cultures, their livelihoods, and their life ways.

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Guidelines to prevent 'land grabbing' crucial for food security UN expert warns

3 Nov 2011

The practice of “land grabbing,” exemplified by biofuel production, large-scale infrastructure projects, carbon-credit mechanisms and speculation, is threatening food security for hundreds of millions of people by imperilling small-scale producers, a United Nations independent expert warned today.

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Land and Power

22 Sep 2011

The new wave of land deals is not the new investment in agriculture that millions had been waiting for. The poorest people are being hardest hit as competition for land intensifies. Oxfam’s research has revealed that residents regularly lose out to local elites and domestic or foreign investors because they lack the power to claim their rights effectively and to defend and advance their interests.

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Chief Selwyn on land in Vanuatu

1 Aug 2011

Chief Selwyn Garu speaks on customary land in Vanuatu and the problems brought about by attempts to commercialise it.

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Defending Melanesian Land

1 Apr 2011

Defending Melanesian Land is a short video in which Melanesian activists explain why indigenous land is important to people in the Pacific, and why they have formed a regional alliance (the Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance – MILDA) to defend indigenous Melanesian land.

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The tragedy of public lands: The fate of the commons under global commercial pressure

1 Jan 2011

This paper looks at the impact of commercial pressures upon common lands. Its main task is to identify the factors that make local possession of the commons vulnerable to involuntary loss in the face of such pressures. As the main location for acquisitions with around 20 million hectares formally acquired since 2007, sub-Saharan Africa is its main focus.

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