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In oil palm province, one community with a future

22 Aug 2012

Benny Kapior:We did not want the oil palm to come and take our land for oil palm. We want to do things our own way on our own land. We also want to take care of our land, the environment.

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FORUM: Get out of aid mentality

17 Aug 2012

The fish market, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, wharves, airfield, water tanks, etc, have signs saying funded either by USAid, AusAid, EU, JICA, NZAid, Taiwan, China, or ADB. There is a vehicle in Tarawa with the words “we love Taiwan” written across it.

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EU funding for SOPAC's Reckless Approach to Experimental Seabed Mining in the Pacific Under fire

16 Aug 2012

Civil Society highlights SOPAC’s corruption of the precautionary principle and questions EU support for a reckless approach to development that would be unacceptable in its own member countries.

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SOPAC continues to push foreign mining agenda on Pacific countries

14 Aug 2012

Pacific Islands encouraged to prepare for growth in seabed mining sector

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Must the poor go hungry just so the rich can drive?

13 Aug 2012

Sports stars like Mo Farah at No 10 will not change a simple fact: people are starving because of the west's thirst for biofuels

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Calls for Westpac to reassess Solomons logging loans

13 Aug 2012

The Australian Greens Party says it is looking for support for a parliamentary motion condemning Westpac bank's loan contracts to companies accused of illegal logging in Solomon Islands.

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NGO slams deep sea mining approval

10 Aug 2012

THE government’s approval for the first commercial deep- sea mining in the waters of New Britain by Nautilus Minerals didn’t go down well with at least one NGO group.

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Putting a price on the rivers and rain diminishes us all

6 Aug 2012

Payments for 'ecosystem services' look like the prelude to the greatest privatisation since enclosure

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Mission Accomplished In The Solomon Islands?

2 Aug 2012

Australian troops are scheduled to withdraw from the Solomon Islands next year. Does that mark the end of Australia's role there? NM's Marni Cordell travelled to Honiara to find out

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Up for grabs

30 Jul 2012

New findings: Millions of hectares of customary land stolen for logging

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