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22 Jun 2012

Ixchalis a sharp and wise Mayan goddess. One of her signs is the rainbow asher wisdom comes from the fertility of the earth. She would findlittle to celebrate and much to correct, in the final days of theRio+20 negotiations on sustainable development.

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Pacific Women Activists bear witness in global protest in Rio De Janerio

21 Jun 2012

Women activists from around the world took to the streets of Rio De Janeiro yesterday to again bear witness to the growing inequality within and between nations, ecological and economic injustices and gender injustice across the globe.

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Key statistics on leases in Vanuatu

20 Jun 2012

Jastis Blong Evriwan is pleased to share with you a preliminary analysis of leasing data drawn from the Department of Lands databases for the period of 1980-2010.

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Pacific countries told to adopt ‘precautionary approach’ to seabed mineral mining

18 Jun 2012

It’s been suggested that Pacific Island Countries and territories wishing to make use of resources on the deep seafloor for economic returns need to adopt a ‘precautionary approach.

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Mining activities to begin on Bougainville

12 Jun 2012

THE Autonomous Bougainville Government has made history by moving a motion onthe most sensitive issue on Bougainville Mining Exploration.

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New mining interest in Solomon Islands

5 Jun 2012

Solomon Islands is seeing a rush of interest in mining exploration. In the 2 years since the re-opening of Solomon's only mine at Gold Ridge on Guadalcanal there has been a surge of interest by explorers.

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The social costs of putting a price on nature

1 Jun 2012

Demonstrating the economic value of nature once seemed at the forefront of progressive thinking, but on the ground it is turning into the latest wave of landgrabbing. What went wrong?

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New model for protecting customary land in Vanuatu

30 May 2012

In a historic decision Chiefs of Mangaliliu and Lelepa communities have decided to protect their customary tribal lands by putting a community lease over their land.

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Ifira landowners win Kawenu Cove Case

29 May 2012

The public of Port Vila can thank seven custom landowners of Ifira for successfully stopping the development of the popular picnic and swim spot of Kawenu Cove now that they have won their appeal case against any further development towards any reclaiment of land from the sleepy bay.

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How mining companies rip of PNG -- Antony Loewenstein interview

27 May 2012

Independent journalist and author Antony Loewenstein visited Papua New Guinea in January and February as part of his research for an upcoming book and documentary about disaster capitalism and privatisation. He spoke to Green Left Weekly's Ash Pemberton about the influence of the resource industry in PNG, its links with government and private security forces, the rising influence of China and PNG's domestic politics in light of upcoming elections.

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