Fool me once: The regional lessons from Tonga's WTO accession

14 Jun 2012

"Fool me once: The regional lessons from the impacts of Tonga's WTO accession" is a look through the eyes of Tongans what membership to the World Trade Organization has meant for them and their country. Tonga became a member of the WTO in 2005 under what has been described as "arguably the worst terms ever offered to any country" - requiring the Pacific Island nation to make wide ranging and binding commitments on trade liberalisation. Speaking about the impacts as felt through a cross-section of society, this video documents how the promised benefits of WTO membership have failed to not only materialise but have increased hardship across the country. The film ends with a plea to other Pacific countries considering joining the WTO to learn from their mistake and not be fooled by the promises that accompany membership. The documentary was produced by the Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG). For more information see