In Defence of Melanesian Customary Land

1 Apr 2010

In April 2010 AID/WATCH published In Defence of Melanesian Customary Land, a collection of papers from Melanesian groups and academics on customary land and the affects of land reform.

These voices highlight the highly productive use of customary land for subsistence and cash crops, as well as the cultural and social ways land is used and valued - all aspects usually ignored in the drive for 'development'.

In defence of Melanesian customary land full copy download. Chapters:

Introduction: Understanding Melanesian customary land by Tim Anderson and Gary Lee

Downplaying defects in state-systems and overemphasising customary land tenure conversion for development in Papua New Guinea by Steven Sukot

Land registration, land markets and livelihoods in Papua New Guinea by Tim Anderson

Incorporated land groups and the registration of customary lands: Recent developments in PNG by Almah Tararia and Lisa Ogle

Women in patrilineal and matrilineal societies in Melanesia by Rosa Koian

The traditional economy as source of resilience in Vanuatu by Ralph Regenvanu

Hijacking development futures: "Land development" and reform in Vanuatu by Lara Daley

Land and the traditional economy: "Your money, my life" Hu i kake long basket blong laef? by Joel Simo



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