Papua New Guinea

The vast majority of land in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is customary land which is protected under the constitution. However in recent years, pushes to reform land tenure have led to a land grab, with a significant amount of land being grabbed by foreign corporate interests. Mining, logging and agricultural (particularly palm oil) companies are behind some of the push for land reform, attracted to PNG by the abundance of minerals and native forests. These industries represent serious threats to the Indigenous peoples of PNG, their lives, livelihoods and the environment.

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Profit and Loss

26 Sep 2014

From Papua New Guinea to the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, native people fight the loss of land, water and health to mining and oil industries.

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On our land: Modern land grabs reversing independance in PNG

26 May 2014

Read the latest report from PANG and the Oakland Institute on land grabs in PNG

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