Saving Our Land – People's Power Against Mining Power

24 Jun 2011

Clive Porabou's Trailer for his new Documentary "Saving Our Land", on the struggle of the indigenous population of Mekamui/Bougainville against the re-opening of Panguna mine by Rio Tinto's subsidy Bougainville Copper Limited. Panguna mine brought many problems to Mekamui and the war and military blockade which followed its closure in 1989 had cost the lives of 20 000 people, which was a fifth of the population. None of the indigenous people living on the Land and from the Land want the mine re-opened. They have opposed the principles of large-scale- mining already in the 60's and just want to live in peace and harmony without the intrusion of international companies ripping them of their resources and destroying and polluting their island.