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Report of the national review of the customary land tribunal program in Vanuatu

20 Apr 2006

On the 20th of April 2006, the report of the Cultural Centre's study into the Customary Lands Tribunal Act and the process of its implementation was officially launched.

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On the economic value of customary land

1 Apr 2006

Tim Anderson. In discussing the economic value of customary land in Papua New Guinea, we must recognise the ongoing polemic over land use. Much of this debate is driven by special interest groups seeking access to customary land. Customary landowners in Papua New Guinea, on the other hand, have been mostly well served by their system of custodianship. Land has been the basis for social cohesion, food security, cultural reproduction and ecological management. This is a view supported by the PNG constitution and reflected, in many ways, by the international discussion of the ‘multifunctionalty’ of small farming (Mazoyer 2001).

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Treading Water in Rapids? Non-Governmental Organisations and Resistance to Neo-Liberalism in Pacific Island States

1 Jan 2006

Today we are so mesmerized by globalisation and the World Trade Organisation that development has become a very technical pursuit. It’s no longer a question of creative thinking, or of having a vision and trying to pursue that vision (never mind about its practicalities) which I think was the spirit of the 1960s and 1970s. There was no limitation on visions then. — Amelia Rokotuivuna, Pacific activist for peace and justice, February 2005

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Privatising Land in the Pacific: A Defence of Customary Tenures

1 Jun 2005

June 1, 2005 J Fingleton, ed. A response to a series of papers authored mainly by Helen Hughes whose argument that customary land tenures are the principal cause of poverty in PNG, and that Australia should make its aid contingent upon changes, is influential in Government circles. This report argues that the proposed privatisation is based on wholesale confusion about the nature of land ownership in Pacific nations and reflects an ideological free-market approach to development.

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Resolving Conflicts in Customary Law and Western law in Natural Resource Developments in Papua New Guinea

1 Jan 1993

Paper by Dr.John Nonggorr. The most traumatic experiences that have happened to Papua New Guinea in its 15 year existence as an independent nation have been the events leading to, and following, the closure of the giant Bougainville Copper mine on the island of Bougainville, North Solomons Province.

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The Land of My Father

1 Jan 1989

The demise of the colonial empires and the birth of a small, dependent states of the Pacific Islands in the past two decades created new values that are now being challenge in the region, . A new wind of independent is blowing --- sought by indigenous races wishing to reassert their authority in the land they call their fathers’.

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