Leases in Vanuatu to 2010

22 Jun 2012

Jastis Blong Evriwan is pleased to share with you a preliminary analysis of leasing data drawn from the Department of Lands databases for the period of 1980-2010. The leasing data provides an indication of how much of Vanuatu is currently under lease, where land is being leased, how leased land is being used, the length of leases, and the extent that leases have been subdivided. The profile also highlights areas where data collection needs to be improved to better inform land use planning decisions. This analysis is part of a broader research effort to document customary groups' engagement in land leasing practices. The figures are indicative only and should be treated with caution, as the original data varies in quality and coverage, with missing data for many of the variables. A summary of key statistics can be found below or downloaded from: The full paper "Vanuatu National Leasing Profile: A Preliminary Analysis" can be found here: For more information on Jastis Blong Evriwan (J4P Vanuatu), please visit: