Listening to the Impacts of the PNG LNG Project

1 Nov 2011

The PNG LNG Project, operated by ExxonMobil subsidiary Esso Highlands Limited, is predicted to double Papua New Guinea’s gross domestic product and result in significant social and economic change — both positive and negative.

Oxfam seeks to support community and civil society  organisation initiatives that aim to ensure benefits from this project are enjoyed by all Papua New Guineans and that any negative impacts are avoided or minimised. Weare also keen to support community initiatives that seek to navigate the many hanges this project will contribute to or cause, while recognising broader patterns of change in Papua New Guinea. 

As a first step, Oxfam commissioned the LNG Impact Listening Project to understand people’s experiences and views of the impacts of the PNG LNG Project, and how they are responding to these impacts. We also commissioned the project to help communities and civil society organisations to work towards minimising negative impacts and ensure benefits are enjoyed by all.


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