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Vanuatu's piggy bank

5 Apr 2012

In recent years we have learnt the hard way that the world economy is interconnected. A bank collapse in New York pitching Iceland into troubles and dragging Europe down behind it. But the heavy hand of globalisation still hasn't touched some of our near neighbours. In Vanuatu recently Amos Roberts found a very different way of life.

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Green Grabbing: a new appropriation of nature?

1 Apr 2012

Across the world, ‘green grabbing’ – the appropriation of land and resources for environmental ends – is an emerging process of deep and growing significance. The vigorous debate on ‘land grabbing’ already highlights instances where ‘green’ credentials are called upon to justify appropriations of land for food or fuel – as where large tracts of land are acquired not just for ‘more efficient farming’ or ‘food security’, but also to ‘alleviate pressure on forests’. In other cases, however, environmental green agendas are the core drivers and goals of grabs – whether linked to biodiversity conservation, biocarbon sequestration, biofuels, ecosystem services, ecotourism or ‘offsets’ related to any and all of these.

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The lure of mining money in PNG

12 Mar 2012

Papua New Guinea has a new leader but the country's relationship to mining remains complex. Locals who aren't happy about the growth of the industry are left with few options, reports Antony Loewenstein from Port Moresby for New Matilda.

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Stopping land theft in the Ramu

27 Feb 2012

Melchior Warre, a Papagraun (customary landowner) from Papua New Guinea's Madang Province, is attending a commission of inquiry investigation hearing into the use of Special Agriculture Leases (SABLs). Mel says why his Ramu People are against 99-year Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL). Through agreements that appear legal, the leases take away land rights from landowners for at least three generations. Certain clauses in the lease agreements also allow foreign companies to sue customary landowners. The Commision of Inquiry has, so far, compiled a mountain of evidence that show that ordinary people have been cheated by foreign companies and middlemen. The people of the Ramu were among the first people to raise concerns about SABLs after a company began logging in the area.

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Sarawak’s roads to development

3 Feb 2012

Logging has changed remote Sarawak in many ways, but the aftermath can produce a new kind of isolation, writes Christine Horn

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Informal sector ensures sustainable development in PNG – not mining!!

25 Jan 2012

Although Papua New Guinea is known as a resource-rich country, 85 percent of the population depends on the informal economy for a living.

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Video documents broken oil palm promises in Solomon Islands

20 Jan 2012

This short video documents the broken promises of oil plam company Sylvania Limited which has deserted the people of Marova leaving them with only broken promises after logging out their forests; mirroring the experiences of communities in Papua New Guinea who have suffered the loss of their forests under Special Agriculture Purpose Business Leases. Thanks to Act Now! for sharing

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