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Land defrauders: A close call

17 Jan 2012

Indigenous land rights in PNG have recently come under attack in Australia. Lester Seri describes his people's experience in defending their land rights in Collingwood Bay.

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Sausi - village cooperation

16 Jan 2012

A community in PNG which resisted oil palm monocultures and is developing its own forms of co-finance and development

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Recognition of Customary land in the Solomon Islands: Status, Issues and Options

15 Dec 2011

AusAID sponsored paper on land tenure in the Solomon Islands. Highlights the involvement of Australian Aid in land reform, explains current land tenure and registration systems and contains suggestions for further reform to customary land.

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Portions of Paradise

13 Dec 2011

Video created by SoulPNG on the threat to Ni-Vanuatu landowners from Australia's aggressive foreign policies. An AusAid-supported land reform program fuelled a land grab by Australian owned real estate companies based in Vanuatu. While reforms may be seen as a path to economic development, the Ni-Vanuatu are being robbed of their traditional rights to fish, hunt and live on what was once their ancestral land. Critics of the land reform program point out that a there is an increasing undercurrent of dissatisfaction among the younger generation who no longer have access to the resources that their parents once had.

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